In case he comes after me and my kids…

I talk and talk and write and write…some people buy guns and shoot people, some drink, some smoke, some do drugs, some eat, some starve themselves….I have learned when I’m hypervigilant and feel I’m being attacked I write and talk and write and talk because it makes me feel safe.  I endured 5 years of gaslighting, 5 years of secrecy, 5 years of thinking I was going insane and 5 years of being thrown under the bus.  I kept quiet to keep him happy so now I do the opposite.  He attacks and I talk because before he use to be the “prize” to my keeping quiet.  That was a long time ago before I realized I can live without him, and that he was anything but love.

Below is my letter to the city of Alexandria posted on every FB page and web site I could find tonight. It’s been emailed to various reporters from the Washington Post to USA Today to the Alexandria Patch.  I am going to make sure this never happens to any other women, and I’m also going to make sure the world knows how the police handled a known abuser if he comes after me to hurt me or my kids. Anything that happens will be on their hands.  Fuck diplomacy!


I need help! The Alexandria police has failed to protect me, and in turn have empowered my abuser.

As I let the city know I will happily release the city of any liability if that’s what it will take to do the job right.

On December 21, 2016 officers failed to arrest, &8&^%, my ex boyfriend, who assaulted me. The assault was so severe that I lost my right vestibular nerve, still suffer from post concussion syndrome and cognitive deficits. The severity of the injuries are so severe that my neurologist recently told me I should feel lucky to be walking and talking.

Fast forward to March 2018. My now ex, per his own December 4, 2017 text, without my knowledge had my computer on his microsoft account and was able to track me, he has a blog professing his love, a Spotify playlist for and yet last week he filed a false police report which has enabled him to have the magistrate charge me with making annoying phone calls.

When Officer Gernatt contacted me, he had no interest in hearing facts that impacted the version of the truth he had heard from Mr. asswipe. Officer Gernatt showed his hostility towards me by telling me to use my PTSD as my defense. Officer Gernatt failed to include the December 4th text since it contradicted Vince’s story of having told me not to contact him in August, which he had not. No one at the department has had any interest in actual facts. They have taken my abuser’s word versus actually looking into the allegations he has made.

When I was assaulted not one detective called or investigated the matter. My abuser should be behind bars for a felony, yet he’s become the police’s best friend and his word so trusted that it doesn’t need verifying. Really?

I am asking for help because I am being assaulted all over again, and this time my abuser is using the city of Alexandria to harass me. I am at a loss as to what to do so here I am, asking for help!







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