More hair than brain.

I have turned every single document pertaining to Vince to everyone in the city of Alexandria.  Their secrets are now in the hands of everyone from the Mayor to the Officer he fooled.  I will contact the governor, congressman and local representative tomorrow because this time there’s no way in hell I am going sit and wait for him to do the right thing. I will not allow this bastard to bully me any more than he has.  He’s cost me so much, and now he is using the system to try and intimidate me except he didn’t think I was going to fight.  Authorities need to know how the system is broken so they can fix it and not allow people like him to hurt people like me.

If you’re reading this Vince, I don’t want you.  I don’t like you.  I don’t love you.  As a matter of fact I find you to be a disgusting and despicable human being. You are a horrible father, and you mean nothing to me.  You are a dangerous and violent criminal who doesn’t have any regard for anyone but yourself – all you are to me is the monster who destroyed my vestibular nerve, the guy who caused brain trauma and the idiot who keeps lying thinking it’s going to work. Your ego can’t take my not giving a shit about you and no longer being under your control.

I reached out privately to address a delicate situation, and instead you tried to do what you always do, bully, threaten, try to intimidate and scare me.  When that didn’t work you filed a false police report thinking you would never get caught. So deal with the consequences ass wipe.  I’m not staying silent and wait for you tobhurt me – I will reach out to every government official and let them know how the system is broken, because men like you should not be able to walk the streets thinking they have a right to ruin lives just because they have mommy issues.

I have been pretty consistent with what I want and that is for you to stay away from me.  Do you understand.  Take your blog, your playlist, your BS love crap and shove it up your ex wife’s ass – Stay the hell away from my daughter, my son and me.  You are sick.  There is no reason why you should have had my computer on your microsoft account – I know that’s how you kept tabs on my location –  Are you just stupid or do you think you are so smart that the rest of us believe the stupid lies you tell.  Yes, I’m totally triggered by the chaos you have created – It’s all on you asshole.  This entire mess is on you and your inability to deal with the truth.  Your family tried to bully me and now there’s a police report in Naperville and Winfield.  You tried to bully me and lie and now the entire city of Alexandria is aware of everything.  Do you see a pattern here?  You try to muzzle, intimidate and hurt me and I talk because what’s motivating you in trying and crush me is the very thing you are trying to muzzell me on.  You want to deflect but your entire retaliation is because of it – Why wouldn’t I defend myself?  Because why?  Because you’ve been so kind to me?  Because you have shown remorse for what you did? Because you were always an upstanding guy? Because you treated me as I should have after you assaulted me? Because you chose to do everything in your power to aggravate the PTSD because you needed to listen to Bethany? Because you were so kind to me two weeks after you assaulted me when you yelled at me saying you didn’t want to restrict yourself so you were going along with the agreement? Because you were so kind to me the day I came to you after learning you damaged my inner ear? Because you were so nice about continuing to pay for the expenses you created? Because you lied in court through your lawyer? If anything these lessons have taught me is to not wait around for you to do the right thing because in the end, like every other time, I have been thrown under the bus.  No, you are going to lie to the police about why I contacted you, then they need to listen to the messages.  You are going to lie to the police then you need to explain why you threatened me.  Oh wait, if they hear the messages your lie will come out that you actually talked to me.  Really?  I think you have more hair than brains Mr. VP.  No way in hell am I going to cover for you and sacrifice my own self after what you have put me through.  You made this mess so deal with it, plus if you were to hurt me, I want everyone to know what your motive are.  Yes, McLean PD has a copy of everything too. I filed two reports with them and reported the computer tracking.  And yes, everyone in the city of Alexandria now has a copy of the entire story because what you told them was a lie and now you have placed them in a horrible place – They have a copy of nicole’s notes, the email exchanges and everything else in between including the tapes of you admitting you threw me violently- I plan to send everything to my state rep, senator and governor’s office. I’m not going to let you destroy my reputation more than you already have.  It’s not funny and I’m sick of being your punching bag.  I am going to protect myself and my kids from you and the BS you are putting me through.  So please, stay the hell away from me…..And yes, you can bet I plan to submit them to the court because that’s what is behind your retaliation. That’s what’s behind this ugly game you have begun – That’s why you filed the false police report. You are a liar so deal with the natural consequences.


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