This is what gaslighting and a narcissist sound like.

I have debated posting this call for a while now.  His lawyer tried to bury it during our court hearing, but it is legal in VA to record someone without their knowledge.  I sometimes need to play this so I can be reminded of what a monster he is.  What a pathological liar he is.  That said, his lies are catching up with him due to his inability to see he has done anything wrong.  He’s made many mistakes in trying to muzzell me, and everything is catching up to him because a liar can never remember their last lie.

Each time I hear these recordings I hear something new.  Tonight I heard his lecture about my choosing to be a victim when in reality it is him who likes to play the victim, and he’s great at it.


That’s my neck that he keeps insisting is my shoulder.  In July he went as far as telling me he didn’t cause the bruises on my body and that I bumped into things. No joke.

That’s the glass my head shattered when he slammed me or threw me into the wall.






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