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Bumble and my neck!



Lol…my sweet friend Carey sent screenshots of his dating profile.  His pictures are from 3-5 years ago, and he forgot to mention he’s a pathological liar, caused brain injury and destroyed my vestibular nerve when he assaulted me, a control freak, likes “*&^%$” porn, pays strippers in vegas 2000 for “just” a “lap dance” and then programs her Contact info.  He hasn’t ran more than once or twice in the last two years because he has plantar fasciitis and running was my sport he picked up here and there after we met – I’m a runner or I was before he destroyed my vestibular nerve – His profile does not convey Who he really is, a devoid, emotionally disconnected, detached handicapped man who can not stand discomfort and doesn’t have coping mechanism.  He drinks, over exercises, overeats, needs his porn during working hours, and doesn’t have an ounce of empathy.  He does all he can to not have to think of his mistakes.  What he did to me was horrid, but what he didn’t do when there should not have been a question as to the right thing to do,  is despicable.

No, I’m not jealous.  I’m not even resentful anymore.  He’s nothing but the guy who destroyed my vestibular nerve.  The violent guy who emotionally gutted me and didn’t give a crap for having caused brain injury.  He’s a weak soul and will never change – He can’t be alone – He needs to be worshiped and wanted, and he needs to put his spin on every story. He needs a new supplier.  I am scared for whoever  because he is dangerous. –

Per Virginia Law he should have been charged with a felony, but the DA pleaded it out too quickly.  He should have been charged with:

  • Malicious wounding. Malicious wounding is a similar felony crime as unlawful wounding except that the criminal act must also have been committed with malice. This is a Class 3 felony with a 5 to 20 year prison sentence and up to $100,000 in fines. If the victim suffered permanent and significant impairment or termination of a pregnancy, the conviction could be for aggravated malicious wounding, which is a Class 2 felony. This carries a sentence of 20 years to life in prison and a fine of up to $100,000.

Destroying someone’s vestibular nerve is permanent damage so is impacting their way of life.

The man told me to kill myself.  He told me he didn’t care that he had damaged my ear.  He said I needed a life after he manipulated me into dropping the no contact portion of the order for his plea agreement.  He has harmed my children’s sense of safety-He is an evil monster so why should I stay quiet to those we both knew and let him just smear me and question my mental stability without telling them what he did to me. The man is so detached that he told me two weeks after he assaulted me that he was going to enter into an agreement with his ex to keep me away from his kids because he didn’t want the focus to be on him having assaulted me.  And, when I asked him to not do that and come up with something different to where she had the power to approve or disapprove who he was going to introduce to the kids, he told me, “no, what happens if I meet someone and want to introduce them to the kids a year from now”  –   That’s who this guy is.  He is a dangerous, violent criminal. He will always be a dangerous violent criminal and he will destroy whoever he is with.

I’m not going to take his bullying.  Enough!





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