When The Victim Of A Narcissist Is Strong


This resonated so much. After asswipe assaulted me, during the no contact order while waiting for trial, he manipulated me into talking to the DA and having the no contact portion of the plea deal removed by professing his love and dangling paying for the medical bills I was stuck with after the assault. Like an idiot I obliged. Not even two hours after his hearing was over, and he got what he wanted, he told me I needed to get a life and find something to occupy myself with other than him. The cold hearted bastard had slammed my head so hard he caused a concussion, one I am still dealing with. I have never come across evil like him before. He still frightens me.

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Carrie Reimer
Carrie Reimer, 10 year common law relationship with a narc/psychopath

There is a common falacy that narcissists are attracted to “co-dependent” weak woman. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Narcissists are not…

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