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Emails from #EquipmentDepot’s Mark Henkle, Vince’s family, calling me a “Dolt” –

Emails are from Mark, Vince’s brother in law who is apparently buying Vince’s lies.  This is a great example of the narcissist smearing their victim’s reputation, and everybody buying it.  I wasn’t nice in my response to Mark and stooped low and hit below the belt.  Am I sorry.  At first I wasn’t because I’ve had it with bullies, but then I apologized because I don’t want to be anything like them. I’m not posting my responses because the subject matter is sensitive and has to do with children.  Surprisingly, with each response I was more and more calm hoping he could understand – sadly though he wasn’t able and continued with the put downs, jabs, insults and every other bullying tactic in the book, never once addressing the facts. He continued name calling, taking jabs at my mental health, and finally got to me when he said everyone has moved on – That hurt the most since there’s nothing more I want than to move on.  However, I am reminded of the nightmare I am living through because of the injuries I sustained by his brother in law, which impacts my daily life. What sort of a person would be so cruel to make a jab, saying I tested below normal in my neuropsych before the assault.  How can anyone with any decency say such a thing about such a serious condition that was brought on by his family member.  What isn’t there to get when the doctor says there was enough trauma to my brain that I should consider myself lucky to be alive, which is why it may take another year of rehab to get to a normal range, but nothing was promised or guaranteed. Really? It’s heartbreaking since the situation we are having a back and forth about involves children…I wish I could explain…

Mark, you claim you are a devout catholic and godly.  If that’s what you really believe I can guarantee there’s a place in Hell saved for you and that, one day, karma will teach you a lesson that will involve your daughter to be in the same place I am.  Maybe then you’ll understand the cruelty you exhibited in this exchange but then you can’t tealky deal with the subject matter, can you? Actually, my psychologist is largely responsible for my being able to walk away from Vince.  You saw the email exchange, didn’t you, or did you just ignore that along with the doctors notes that you had when you chose to tell me I’m stupid.  You know…the pattern is so clear here…I didn’t fit in because I’m nothing like you and your inlaws and Vince and Christine  You and your family are filthy, despicable human beings.  Really, I mean that.  You know what you all turned your back on, and your bullying me just confirms you, too, are trying hard to hide something. So, I thank you.  I am going to turn everything in to you know who…there needs to be a trail of the injustice in orders for change to happen.  Maybe this was meant to be…maybe my passion for making sure…I feel sorry for your daughter to have you as a father.  You are all bullies

Mark Henkel <henkel_mark@yahoo.com> Wed, Feb 7, 2018 at 10:42 PM To: Vesta

Vesta, It is SOOO good to hear from you. I hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. As I read your emails I find them quite sad. You keep bringing up the same old stuff, the boys, Christine, Chuck, Lee, there is nothing new and frankly no one cares. It is unfortunate what happened between you and Vince, but you know what you need to do, is move on, life is too short. I’ll make a recommendation to you, I think you need to find someone that can help you move on, the therapists you are speaking with are not helping. You are coming off as a jilted ex-girlfriend. Put your effort into spending quality time with your kids and husband. Best of Luck!</henkel_mark@yahoo.com>

Yes, I am technically still married, but have been separated since October 2010.  Not finalizing has been due to his diagnosis of cancer, shift in economy and my injuries.  This family seems to like omissions and lies – Vince was not divorced until August 2015.  I didn’t meet Vince until January 2, 2012 so had been separated for almost two years – Dave knew I was dating and was incredibly civil to Vince, went as far as offering him a piece of Birthday cake because Vince kept ignoring him but Dave understood there were kids so wanted to make sure ours knew he was okay with my and Vince’s relationship. 

What’s comical about their bullying is that they are trying to make me look like a crazy whore when in reality they all lie so much they don’t know what the real truth is.  The real truth is when Vince and I met he lied about having decided with Christine to divorce – they had been separated for almost a year, but it wasn’t until 3 months after we began dating that they decided to divorce.  I didn’t find out about it until 2 years after the fact.  Vince lied constantly and created triangulations with everyone.  Christine lies to everyone, too.  For example she was married prior to marrying Vince.  He has his version of when he met her and it changed over time.  These people lie as though it’s nothing.


On Feb 8, 2018, at 12:28 AM, Mark Henkel <henkel_mark@yahoo.com> wrote:

You have a problem and need to continue to get help. Look how you attack people, kids that have never done anything to you. The things you say are disturbing, this is something that should be brought up in therapy.

What’s disturbing Mark, is your choice to ignore and turn your head despite the facts. The truth is never pretty and you’re a coward.  


On Feb 8, 2018, at 1:05 AM, Mark Henkel <henkel_mark@yahoo.com> wrote:Brake the cycle and move on then. You do not need to send email after email to everyone.

On Feb 8, 2018, at 10:13 AM, Mark Henkel <henkel_mark@yahoo.com> wrote:

I think you tested below average for neuropsychology tests before we met.

You are,
I think you need to visit your doctor more then 2 days a week.

This is his response after I told him of the cognitive damages his brother in law, Vince, caused.  

On Feb 8, 2018, at 11:02 AM, Mark Henkel <henkel_mark@yahoo.com> wrote:

You don’t want to help anyone, let alone yourself. Who are you fooling you don’t care about anyone you mentioned in your emails. All you do is attack an defame, you caused the drama. Do a little sole searching on your end and worry about your kids.

I hope you share your emails with your So called world renown doctors, I think they would be enlightend, like what is this ladies problem and she should be committed.
Thank you for the enlightening emails, it just proves what we already know

I have Mark.  I have shared everything with the appropriate people, have made official reports to the proper agencies, going as far back as 2014.  That’s when this issue first came up.  Read emails #1 and #2.   – My conscious is clear, is yours?  And you saw my psychologist was cc’d on the emails.  Unlike you and your clan, I don’t lie to therapists because I have to hide anything. 

No I didn’t Mark.  Christine lied to the courts.  You have the motion. When was I ever in charge of the boys schedule specially when it came to travel and visits?  I have my own two kids, plus his parents always stayed with her. They coordinated everything with her.  The two times Vince did she made a stink.  Mommy dearest wanted the boys separately because…you know, but Christine didn’t.  The last time she threw a hissy fit because what he arranged wasn’t good enough since she didn’t want her mother to see the kids.  In essence she lied on court documents not only about that but something much more serious.  She brought this on.  I’m going to show her the same consideration as she showed me at a time when I was in shock.  


Below is final message, so I thought.  

No, I’m not kidding.  Christine has made #$%^ and %$#@ front and center.  Her lies in the motion show that.  So if this wasn’t filed then I would be sticking my nose where it didn’t belong but she filed it and Vince agreed to it to save his own ass because he didn’t want the judge to know about him attacking me.  So I intend to file a third party motion and request that she be charged with perjury.  Every fact on her motion is a lie. I’ve had enough lies.  ———- They are liars and bullies…just like you. oh, i was the one who was originally served since i was at the house and my name was on the lease so…vince lied ——— pattern of lies…it runs in the family beginning with that witch of a mother, Lee.  you guys made this dirty and now i’m fighting for myself.  lee treating me the way she did at her house.  the jabs…the pressure she put on vince.  the lies.  i’m a survivor of a bunch of unhinged, crazy bullies and narcissists and my heart will always ache for %%%% because none of you are brave enough to $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.  Your emails and attacks confirm how much more you care about facade.  You are the one who wants to hurt the kids.  Not me. 

I wish I could share the subject matter along with all the facts.  This guy sent another really hurtful email and I responded in kind.  I didn’t hold back and gave him a taste of his own medicine.  In the process I decided to screw all of them and so I blocked them.  I don’t need to be exposed to their poison.  I’m tired of being bullied and gaslighted and the world should know how they behave. 
“You are the first, if it’s coming from the horses mouth it must be true then. You are a dolt, “Should I post the entire email exchange too show what a moron you are?” Who are you kidding you should be embarrased at the things you say. My conscious is clear.”
My final response.


Last night in an email you wrote You are the first, if it’s coming from the horses mouth it must be true then. You are a dolt“Should I post the entire email exchange too show what a moron you are?” Who are you kidding you should be embarrased at the things you say. My conscious is clear.”  At first I thought I misused “too” but when I checked what I wrote I saw that I didn’t make such a mistake “Should I post the entire email exchange to show what a moron you are?   
I didn’t know what a dolt was until now.  You called me stupid and a retard and that my IQ was lower than average.  You said all this knowing your brother in law caused brain trauma. That’s not funny Mark. I’m so glad that bullying in in the spotlight.  Know I take your hostility very seriously considering how dangerous your brother in law is given the damages he has caused.  I have blocked you and am going to make a police report turning over all the emails.  Additionally, I will include the emails to the judge and the commonwealth attorneys office for his hearing on Friday. I want everything to be part of his file which is public record. And, will turn them into the family court judge so they can see the length and anger you family demonstrate in keeping harmful family secrets.
On a lighter note, it’s hilarious and ironic, for me at least, that you call me a dolt but don’t know the difference between “to” and “too” when using it in a sentence nor do you know how to spell (refer to your spelling of “embarrassment.”) No one has ever called me that so I guess if it comes from the horse’s mouth it must be true. You should really consider getting your IQ and neuropsych testing done.  I’m in pretty bad shape and I have brain trauma, thanks to Vince.  You on the other hand….nuff said.
Just to be clear, you are not to EVER contact me.

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