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Our First Date: Dinner. Second Date: Theater. Yours? Supplier or suppliers, He’s DANGEROUS! Don’t be fooled – Please read.

I’m not a jilted lover.  I did nothing to provoke him attacking me, but I bet that’s not what he told you.  I also bet he told you, the same thing he tried to tell the judge, that he was
“restraining” me.  That was until I produced his voice on recording admitting he really threw me is that he was just trying to restrain me – He’s caused permanent damage you know, did he tell you that part – He’s a pathological liar and he will destroy you before you know it’s happening so get in touch so the same doesn’t happen. Oh and if he tries to tell you about our court date in September when the judge did not grant a protective order against him, don’t believe him.  I’ll share the transcript so you see for yourself.  You see, Vince is a pathological liar. He can’t help himself.  He lies about everything from where he was, to he talked to about you, to what his family is really like.  You name it and he lies about it. Lying to him is as natural as breathing.

Did he tell you I was unstable and so he stopped contact with me me – No. I finally found the strength to tell him no more.  I had enough of being humiliated – I was the one who didn’t want have anything to do with him-   I’ll post his grateful emails he continued to send and post texts of him saying he wasn’t dating and had no interest in ever dating because I was the love of his life – it was all a lie.  Him telling you how special you are because you are helping him through this period.  Lies.  Read what his own friend and previous employee said about him.

Read his text – look at the blog he made – he’s one of the most dangerous persons I have ever met – a liar– please please be careful – I don’t know who you are but if you reach out, it won’t be just my word –  I’ll give you medical records, old texts, porn history, recordings of him admitting he attacked me and that it was violent, and examples of complete disregard for the truth, the law and ethics so you go into it knowing exactly what your getting.  I’m not unstable as he’s told you – I am not crazy nor am I a jilted lover – Trust me – You can talk to my Neurologist, Psychologist and Psychiatrist because I have nothing to hide and I know I wasn’t who I turned into after 5 years of emotional abuse and gaslighting. There’s also another issue that’s incredibly serious that you should know about.  Had I known what I would tell you, I would have run the other way after the first date.


Were yours different? Be careful.  He’s charming and good looking and smart and knows all the right things to say in the beginning.  He’ll send you pictures of his rides and his bikes and random things that catches his eye telling you he wished you were there to share it with.  He will make plans with you for adventurous travel and in the beginning will be proactive in planning dates.  He’ll make you feel you’re the only one and that he’s grateful for your support as he endures my wrath (see pic below of what he said about the ex. See the pattern.) He’ll tell you I was unstable and that he tried to restrain me that night in December.  He will tell you lie after lie and and make you feel so special.  He will pretend to have insight on himself when he tells you how he failed us or what he did wrong in his marriage, but don’t let that fool you because that will only be until he receives enough validation from you to feel regulated about himself.  He isn’t capable at looking inward. He will tell you stupid little lies and huge lies.  He will lie about his kids – He will omit important facts because he doesn’t believe omissions are lies. He will make you feel like you are the only one until you least expect it and then he’ll hit you where it hurts.  Then he will ignore you because you dared to confront him and had the audacity to question him. He’ll make you feel as though you will lose him if you don’t fall in line. And, before you know it, it will be you wondering where the real you went – what happened to the confident happy person you once knew…where did she disappear to.

Take it from someone who knows first hand, he will destroy you, so be careful. Don’t be an idiot like me and believe you’re special and that somehow your love will make things better.  Don’t be an idiot like I was and believe you are a “team” – His ex still thinks that. It’s why she will meddle and manipulate.  She still needs to make sure she’s special. I’m telling you this because he will never take your side, even when she threatens you or lies. Granted she was much more like his mother so he is afraid of her because she uses the kids to control and to get what she wants.  She made his parents choose between her and me – obviously they chose her because they know what she’s like and were afraid of losing the grandkids.   So she loves being divorced because she doesn’t have to deal with him on a daily basis and she loved that he doesn’t have the balls to stand up to her and can be manipulated into giving her extra support, get him to change his plans to fit her schedule even when she lies and says it is work related, when it’s not. I tell you this because collectively his family is worse than him and they will be cruel to you and put you down and make jabs, and he will blame you for making a big deal out of it. His mother told me during my first time visiting that I was just a “girlfriend” and that Christine was a “wife.” The ex and the mom and his sister  make plans and expect Vince to go along so expect to always be last. If he says he can’t they will make him feel bad that he gives in but he’ll spin it and tell you he made the decision.  He can not stand up to them.  I wish I could write openly about a matter that will explain what a coward he is to them but I can’t publicly.  I will privately because it’s important you grasp the enormity of the disfunction you’re in, and because you have a right to know from the beginning since it’s a matter of safety.  Get out before you’re in too deep.

I can go on and on but are you going to listen or are you going to be stupid like I was. As much as I don’t like his ex she told me what he was like but I thought she was crazy and that I was special so he wasn’t going to be that way with me.  The joke was on me sister.  Get out.  Just get out!  He is everything she said he was.  An asshole, disconnected, detached and lacked judgment. I don’t know when you started to see him but we were still “trying” until I said no more on August 1, yet he sent grateful emails and wanted to take me to my doc appointment and have coffee and go see a concert.  He kept it up and then poof! He said he was blocking me. He didn’t have the balls to tell me he was stopping paying for the medical bills he was responsible for.  I’ll show you copies of our account.  70 thousand in 10 months – I will show you my medical records.  Anything you want because I’m not lying, but he is.  I’m afraid for you.  He destroyed my vestibular nerve, and I still have cognitive deficits and PTSD.  There’s more, but I’ll save those till later.  He needs to feel powerful and he can’t handle rejection.  He’s a grown man who has no soul. He doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong.  He will DESTROY you so walk before you lose yourself.  I will share recording of him admitting to having attacked me.  I will share whatever you want so you can rest easy that what you’ve seen or felt isn’t your imagination.  He is very skilled at gaslighting because he is so soft spoken and quiet. He is all of that AND his venom will kill you.  I don’t know who you are, and even if I did I wouldn’t reach out because it has to come from you so don’t be afraid if you want to know the other part of the story backed up by facts, not just his words but actual facts, reach out. I am sincerely scared for you because I know, like me, you are a wonderful person full of love and warmth. He didn’t have that so he gravitates towards us but treats us like his mother treated him.  Cold and never enough.  Watch out for the ex wife too. She’s dangerous as well and can not handle being in the spotlight.  Goes for the same re his mom.  She is evil.  They are evil people who will leave you bloody on the ground and walk away and pretend nothing happened.  That’s how they are.

Take care,


See the pattern…Everyone in his life is unstable once he gets done with them. You’re next….





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