Abuser, My Story

It was my neck.


The biggest mistake I made that night was to not have the police arrest him.   I am still afraid of him and can’t wait until I move away from here.  Yesterday, during our brief conversation he proved he was the same guy from the night he assaulted me.  He was only concerned about himself and the horrible things I was saying.   They are horrible but they are the truth.  He assaulted me, he caused serious damage and then he lied about it.  He was upset that I recorded him.  The pattern is so clear…Unable to assume any responsibility for his actions.  So, he’ll go on his nice vacation and tell himself he’s a great guy.  That he’s kind.  He’s so detached he simply doesn’t get it.  Anyway, I need to look at these pictures and read my list.

Not sure why I told him it was nice to hear his voice. I think I’m still trained to not want him to be mad at me. WOW!..he is still the same person I met almost 6 years ago.  A liar, fearful, controlling, sadistic and disordered.  Some day all of his lies will catch up to him like they did in court a couple of months ago when recordings I presented of him admitting to violently attacking me was juxtaposed to his lawyers lies and alternative facts about what his client did that night.

A liar can never remember his last lie…



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