Exposing the Narcissist

I couldn’t agree more. One of the many reasons I have been so open and vocal, and providing detail of what it was like is because he’s continuing to smear me, calling me unhealthy and unstable, and insinuating I am lying about the night he threw me against the wall.

For so long I was silent – I was muzzled, and yes, I do have a chip on my shoulder because I am dealing with the injuries he caused on a daily basis and it’s been 14 months with no end in sight or promises of full recovery. It’s been a hardship on me, my kids and their dad – while he’s out drinking, cycling, traveling, watching porn, taking selfies and boasting about his cycling travel, I tend doctor appointments and my kids suffer because I’m not whole….As a matter of fact I’m certain he wasn’t faithful before we ended – He denies it but there were signs. Taking a million selfies that I wasn’t getting, Disappearing for hours, not answering the phone in his hotel room when he said he was there, going to twin peaks multiple nights in a row and saying he had work meetings, spending 2000 on a stripper in Vegas whose number he programmed in his phone, but denying anything happened, and of course, the most important, he didn’t give a damn about me, my life or well being.

Whoever she is, I hope is smarter than I was and doesn’t fall for his empty words because he’ll  destroy her…


“If I were to remain silent, I’d be guilty of complicity.”
― Albert Einstein

Silence is a narcissistic abuser’s best friend.  Silence not only allows abusers to continue to abuse, it basically encourages them to abuse.  When abusers don’t have consequences or anyone saying, “What you’re doing is wrong”, what motivation could they possibly have for changing their behavior?

By silence, I am not only referring to the silence of the victim, but others as well.   If the child of one of your relatives is being abused, but no one speaks up, the abuse will most certainly continue.  If no one gets involved, why should the abuser stop abusing?  The abuser is getting what he or she wants, which is all that matters to that person.  There is no motivation to stop abusing.

Some people may find this speaking out to be immature, holding a grudge or even “un-Christian”  behavior, but…

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