Advice Wanted


Would love your input so please share what’s worked for you.  I have serious physical injuries that were a direct result of having been assaulted by Vince 14 months ago.  I noticed I get triggered each time, which is every week, sometimes twice a week when I get any negative news about my health.  Maybe I haven’t been able to hear it until now but I’m hearing it a lot more.  What is more nerve wracking is his online presence that I hear about despite having him blocked on everything.  It bothers me that he’s going on with his life as if  nothing happened, as if he’s the victim.  I understand that’s how narcissists are but seriously??? He knows he damaged my vestibular system, he knows I may never be the same and he is pretending it never happened?  I’m fine with not getting an apology or remorse but can he just get offline.  Can he not date anyone – can he stop his life until I have mine back.   All that said, how do I separate him from the medical damages he caused that dictate my life, what I do and don’t do and my future.  How?  How do I not get angry at him when I hear I should feel lucky to be walking and talking or….the list is long.  How do you do it….


3 thoughts on “Advice Wanted”

  1. Darling you go through so many emotions hurt, upset, anger and please don’t ever feel shame you need Healing and recovery, not just physically but mentally and spiritually, I am D V S I can relate to you in some ways I will not say its easy but you can be free and happy again Please feel free to message me if I can help you in any way I here Take care keep fighting xxx


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