Healing Stages

Sometimes I have to be…

Silly and childish and do something that makes me and only me laugh.. this photo was a joke.  I was with a friend and we tried on wedding dresses.  Girl thing.  No meaning behind it.  Nothing.  She posts it and I hear through the grapevine from his mother is throwing a fit over my having posted it.  So here you go Lee.  The most manipulative, cruelest, cold hearted, jealous and selfish woman I have ever met.  No wonder why you raised a monster.  This woman told me I was just the girlfriend and that his ex was a wife. She told me she put our picture away because it upset his ex.  She did everything in her power to make me feel as if I didn’t belong.  So, this pic is dedicated to her.  This and the many others of her son and I out there.  Monster…karma lee…karma.




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