Dead Letters to a Narcissist #2

In the Shadows of the Fairy Tale

Dear __________,

I understand everything now.

It feels like a grenade just went off.  The shrapnel is falling, scattering, and all of the clues are flooding into the right cracks all at once, but too quickly for me to absorb each in isolation.

I begged you for answers so many times.  But how could I have expected you to give them to me when you did not understand any point of view other than your own?  You could not find the disconnect between our perspectives anymore than I could, so how could you provide any answers other than the ones you had already given me– the ones that hadn’t made any sense to me?

I am humbled by how differently two people can see the world, how a fraction of a shift in worldview can create realities so vastly different it is almost as if one of them dreamed the…

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