Thank you Bethany and Lorraine and FUCK YOU!

The two LPC’s that he conned into believing he was a victim and that he was restraining me versus the actual truth being that he “threw” me against the wall where my head hit so hard to have caused the serious injuries that it has, all of which is on tape includubg a new found telephone message he left saying he was sorry for what he did.  So Fuck you Vince.  Your two therapist who have very little training to deal with people like you, you managed to con, and so you still believe I am the problem and that if you do what you’ve been doing, I will lose interest because after all, they know me, they have talked to me, they have made diagnosis on all the facts! HA! You bastard.  I was told I am lucky to be walking and talking yesterday.  Fuck you for what you did.  Fuck you for hurting my brain so bad that it might take another year to heal.  Fuck you for being the pompous ass that you are.  Fuck you for hurting my children by way of debilitating me to the point I can’t give them 100%.  Fuck you for taking most of my days up while you ride your bike and post on FB, take selfies and show off, with doctor’s appointments trying to heal from what you did.  Just fuck you for being a coward.  Fuck you for being a heartless man.  And thank you to the two idiots – You should be serving time in prison for what you did but instead you got slapped on the wrist.  Laws must change.  The city of Alexandria and the state and the probation department who allows such idiots as Lorraine to sign your anger managment certificates must examine how they handled this and it must  chang. I’ve had enough injustice and as you’ve notice I no longer do things on your terms.  You don’t get to start the conversation where you need it to start.  So fuck you.  Kindness will get you kindness….Remember that…right back at you ass wipe.


2 thoughts on “Thank you Bethany and Lorraine and FUCK YOU!”

  1. I feel your frustration. What I learned was that there is an entire “divorce industry”– so-called “professional” people who are queued up to be paid for ancillary services, like custody evaluations, domestic violence assessments, anger management classes, parenting classes, etc. All they care about is getting paid. Period. A narcissist is a smooth cat; they can navigate through these things with the greatest of ease. My ex-wife was SO polished that the domestic violence assessor (a woman) submitted her report to the court without requesting ANY information from me, the “victim.” NOTHING! Not even a brief telephone conversation. In my case, the court discounted, and *ordered* that the assessor should get information from me. I had hard evidence of what I claimed, so it was beyond he-said/she-said. … so what you said about the anger management professionals above is not only plausible, it’s apparently commonplace. Cheers!


    1. In this case, Vince went to the first therapist, Bethany, because I gave him an ultimatum. I was stupid at that point and told him I would not press charges if he went to therapy. So, he picked the cheapest person on his plan. A young woman in her early 30’s. A looker with big boobs. He downloaded her picture on his phone and when I pointed it out he said he did it to add it to his contacts. Funny because he never did that with the surgeon who fixed his shoulder twice or his dentist or his eye doctor. Anyway, I believe, based on their exchanges he was training her to be his supplier. He was playing the victim well. She, like a total idiot bought it and went as far as giving him a diagnosis of me and instructions and a guarantee he wasn’t mistreating me by the choices he was making. I was livid so I contacted her, sending her previous emails and information including my doctor’s notes. In the end she severed their relationship but passed him on to a colleague. That said, I can only imagine they talked, she gave the new therapist her take and the new one basically followed Bethany’s lead. LPC’s do not have the education or training to address or pick out people as devious as him. Both therapist put me in danger because his behavior got worse since he was getting the supply he needed and the reassurance of me being the problem. All of this is documented. Anyhow, now he just over exercises to try and tune out who he is. That’s what he did after his separation with his ex wife. Except their relationship resembled his and his mother’s relationship. She is a nasty manipulative woman and Vince is scared shitless of her, and his mother. I didn’t fit the blue print of what he was use to hence, in addition to the emotional abuse I was experiencing he got physical with me and damaged my brain and vestibular system. I’d like for him to try and accuse of of defamation on this one. I hope both idiots are there to hold his hands when reality and facts his little bubble. Bastard!


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