M and J Time



AS Is...

“What hurts you, blesses you, darkness is your candle.” Rumi

Oh sweet lessons in empathy and sympathy please do leave me be. I know you all to well. I’ll never say never for I know better now. My heart aches, my head hurts, my body claims this place alone.

In the darkest of nights I reached out and embraced you. I held you near. In the darkest of nights I knew you. In the brightest of days I saw you.

Your words sting and nonverbal cues bring me to my knees. Lack in gratitude. Conditional love. The freedom of a choice. The inconvenience of a friend, lover, and wife.

A blessing and a gift. Would I know myself this well otherwise. The light in the darkness. I am grateful. I am grateful for the constant battle that showed me my strength. For the space to crumble and rise again.


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