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My Birthday After The Assault

My birthday is coming up on the 12th and so is his court hearing to have the charges he pled guilty or no contest to deferred.  Last year, in order to soften me up and try and get me to drop the charges,  he took me out to dinner, but paid cash because he didn’t want any trail of seeing me while there was a no contact order in place.  He writes this very sweet card (gag me), gives me jewelry and tells me he loves me so much he’s risking going to jail for me.  Goes home, continues lying and crafts a story to everyone including his “therapist” portraying himself as the victim who is being chased.  It’s disturbing, isn’t it? When I learned details and am able to put the two versions together he responded by getting more aggressive.  He likes to refer to himself as honest, earnest, compassionate and empathetic except that he’s none of that.  He’s devoid, disconnected, detached, has no sense of empathy or compassion and doesn’t have any concern or care about anyone other than himself – Not even his own kids.  That’s what I need to keep remembering.  He’s that way with everyone.  He doesn’t have a true north, an ounce of decency, or a sense of right and wrong.   IMG_0218


1 thought on “My Birthday After The Assault”

  1. It truly is disturbing. I can relate to this with my parents. I could see the domestic violence and mental abuse going on as well as my siblings but then they tell EVERYONE that my siblings and I are just young and exaggerating. They switch the story with all of our family members who end up coming to me asking why I don’t talk to my dad or why I don’t do things for him. Luckily I know the truth as well as the police does, our Therapist and siblings and grandpa. It’s sad how blind and close minded people can be especially the ones we once had a deep connection with once.


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