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Perfect timing!  I struggle a lot, as if you couldn’t tell, with thinking about him.  A big portion of why is because of my physical disability which is a direct result of having been thrown against the wall by him and the permanent damages I now have to cope with.  In essence my life is not normal and everyday, with the limitations I experience, he pops into my head.  I’ve managed to keep it under control on most days but I get triggered and very angry, upset, hurt and sad after getting test results measuring my progress or results of yet another test validating and pin pointing the damages he caused, and then looking at the overwhelming task of rehab without 100% certainty of healing, That’s when I ask why?  And wonder how a person can be so pompous to boast about all that he does on social media without a second thought.  It’s almost as if he’s rubbing it in my face.  And then I have my psychologist who reminds me he’s not capable of giving what I need from him, and to remember how he managed a situation with his own children.  That’s when I calm down – if he can’t deal with discomfort or stepping up when his kids are concerned he will never be able to step up for anything or anyone.  It’s the cycle of abuse  .  A man whose mother calls him an ass hole and talk about him as if he’s three, and whose ex wife calls names and lies to and manipulates…it’s what he knows.  He comes from abuse and can’t face the pain so he’s doing what he was thought and….and nothing.  I know….I need to Accept and let go.  I know….

By Dr. Perry, PhD “Our happiness depends on the habit of mind we cultivate.” ~Norman Vincent Peale 1. Check in with your surroundings If you are being bombarded by intrusive thoughts, it is important to ground yourself using your sense of vision. Your visual sense is the easiest to remember when you are under attack. Look around you, describe […]

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