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F*&% YOU Vince

I wanted to call you today. No, not because I miss you or because “I love you,” which I don’t since you’re not real, but to ask  how you can live with yourself…I don’t get it…yeah, I had some disappointing medical news today, thanks to you throwing me against the wall, and yes, I am upset because I’m human and I have to live with what you did to me…so I  had a lot to say, and filled this page saying it all….. but then…but then I thought why am I wasting my time…haven’t I learned my lesson…why am I trying to communicate with someone who is robotic, devoid, detached, and disconnected and has no clue what empathy or compassion feels like because they have their head so up their own ass…someone who sees himself as perfect, a victim and without fault, why am i wasting my time on a pathological liar, a dangerous, violent criminal…SO…..I erased it all because you are not worth it.


6 thoughts on “F*&% YOU Vince”

    1. Thanks. No, I’m not okay tonight, but I will be tomorrow because I have no choice. My progress is slow and there’s not movement of some things so I’m concerned. I just want him to show humanity but he can’t – I get triggered around health stuff. I took care of his sorry ass when he couldn’t wipe his own ass after falling off his bike twice. I woke up at every whimper of his for two weeks as he was in massive pain. Dealt with his depression afterwards and helped him with his kids. You know what he did when I told him he caused ear damage when he threw me against the wall and that I was upset and wanted for him to talk to me and stay with me — yes, this is when I was still in the stupid phase thinking he cared or he would want to be there since he caused it, but I was wrong. Anyway, he yelled at me and said no! that he had made plans and he was going to keep them. He’s not human. He is detached. disconnected and devoid. All of the things his ex wife who is more dangerous than him use to call him. I wish I would have seen these traits earlier on, but silly me thought my love was going to change him. Bastard. Oh, that was the last time I saw him. It was after that that I refused to see him and then he sent me grateful emails, then blocked me. He’s dangerous. Really dangerous.


      1. These people have absolutely no heart and they will kick you when you are down even if it is something that they caused…they are like ohh well you deal with it…i completely understand that and just like you I stayed thru so much…too much and then they say that “you” are the abusive one (like really I’m only 90 lbs). I sure hope you have close friends or family close by…

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