Exposing The Abuse

He told me his ex wife was decent because she didn’t bring up his assault when she wanted to modify custody.  He told me he couldn’t trust me because I called the police.  He told me he was sorry and showered me with gifts for two weeks before his trial, during the time he wasn’t suppose to have contact.  When I wouldn’t drop the charges, he manipulated me by dangling paying for the medical bills he stuck me with so I would ask the Common Wealth Attorney to remove the no contact order as part of his plea agreement.  The very same day, after it was over for him, knowing I had a concussion. Knowing I had PTSD, he told me I needed to get a life.  Find interests other than him.  He enjoyed humiliating me.  It never mattered what the issue was, who was in the wrong…it was always my fault.  I began this blog largely to stand up for myself – I did nothing wrong – He made the choice to assault me and cause the damages that he has.  He even suggested the bruises on my body could have been cause by my being clumsy…sigh…


Last Friday we had another social function to attend. I really did not feel like going. I was exhausted from the week and I also had a migraine. If I did not accompany my husband, to this event, he would be extremely upset with me. My husband’s wrath was the last thing I really wanted […]



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