What They Don’t Know


These words resonate. It’s telepathy:)

A Broken Blue Sky


The pressure pushes deep
and deeper still
like a vice upon my soul

Clouds that won’t lift
stuck in sadness
overshadowing everything

External silence is deafening
while the internal voices
are relentless and harsh
and will not end

Everyone says
you need to love yourself
but this is a nightmare
of self hatred
an abandoning of self
mimicking the life I’ve lived
the only one I’ve ever known

They say don’t cry
it will get better
but they don’t know
for every tear they see
there are millions more
locked up inside of me

Every cell fights
to eat its own flesh
like a monster
I thought only wanted to scare me
but no it wants to destroy me

Isolation is all that is known
alone in the darkness
and in the light of day
a poverty of soul

The forest is on fire
but no one notices
the fire…

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2 thoughts on “What They Don’t Know”

    1. You are an amazing writer. I wish I could express myself in such a way. I hope you continue to share, and hope that we both begin to feel stronger and happier, and with that will be more poems and writing to show others that there’s hope, and to hang in there. I don’t know about you, but I’m determined to turn this into a positive. Take care!


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