One of those mornings…

In A Messy World


I haven’t been having the greatest week so far.
I woke up this morning, angry and irritable with everything and everyone,
but essentially with myself.
I became tearful a few minutes, spending half an hour sitting in bed,
eyes brimming with tears.
Before you know it, I had shut myself in the bathroom,
crouched down and sobbing
my heart out.
With my red, puffy eyes, I looked in the mirror and wasn’t sure if I wanted to carry on. My face was blotched and swollen, with spots starting to show from the stress.
The people I surround myself with are toxic, but they are all I know. It’s not like I have anywhere else to go or anyone else to speak with. 

I’m in this alone. 
Apart from my doctor, I have no-one else for company, no-one to check in and say hello. No-one to ask how I’m doing.
It has made me bitter with loneliness.

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