Dear Survivor

WOW! This hit home.


Dear Survivor,

I see you.

I see the invisible pain you carry every day.

I see the fear that lingers in your eyes,

Never feeling safe.

I see how you’re easily startled

How you look for his face in every crowd

How you want to disappear completely

Never to be found.

Dear Survivor,

I hear you.

I hear your silent screams

I hear your cries into a pillow at night

I hear the soundtrack in your head

Replaying every moment and every fight.

I hear you wonder if this was all your fault

If you deserve the things he did to you

The put-downs, the threats,

The temper tantrums he threw.

Dear Survivor,

I know you.

I know your brokenness

I know the emptiness you feel

So heavy sometimes

You think it can’t possibly be real.

I know it’s hard to get up in the morning

But it’s even harder…

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