Therapist Abuse


4 thoughts on “Therapist Abuse”

    1. Of course! I recently went through a nightmare with my abuser’s therapist who at the time had only seen him for a month or two “diagnosed” me, without ever having met me, suggesting books for him to read so that he could “learn about me” and how to “handle” me. I suffer not only from a horrible concussion that is a direct result of his abuse but also PTSD. Her carefless and thoughtless decision to play god by choosing to focus on me instead of him lacking any foresight that there may be more to his version of the story given the episode of domestic abuse, led his behavior in how he was treating me to activating my PTSD even more. I slept no more than 10 hours in four days and was riddled with fear. It was then that I realized he had absolutely no soul. and the glimpses of light I had once seen in him were overpowered by his demons.


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      1. Wow! The abuse by him was bad enough and the continued betrayal. Having a therapist carelessly try to diagnose you only compounds your trauma and has to cut deep. I am so sorry for all that you are going through!

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  1. Your words touched my heart because you are the first person who has said that. The betrayal continues with him not setting his family straight when they tell him they know he would have never hurt me until he was pushed into it by a sister who did nothing but mad mouth him when we first met. She went on about how she had half of him in her and all sorts of bs designed to not accept the truth. I’m the one they choose to continue to beat up on because they are bullies. He could have done the stand up thing, thank her for her support but assumed full responsibility for his actions and left me out, but he was never able to be fully be there before the incident so not sure why it would change now. That’s where I lost my self worth. I’m responsible for that – that’s what I have to deal with all a while I try to heal from a concussion. I learned today I can’t drive for at least 6 more weeks. I have really bad PTSD so I can’t turn my head left without a panic attack. It’s because he slapped me after I hit my head so I relive that moment over and over. I am constantly reminded of that night because of all of the medical issues…I’m tired of being mad. It’s just pain that I need to deal with. So I cry and I say out loud that I didn’t matter then and I don’t matter now. I didn’t leave because I couldn’t wrap my head around it…guess I learned my lesson.


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