Forever Stargirl

Oh, I have so much to share after reading this…sigh…these cowards seem to have all attended the same ass wipe school – pathetic and disgusting.


You gave me a name.
I remember it
Like it was yesterday.
We were lying in your bed
Cuddling to stay warm
I clung to every word you said
Like a sixteen year old girl.
Things were just beginning
And all was perfect
I couldn’t help but thinking
How did I deserve this?
And on that winter night
I was wearing a sparkled shirt
You looked deep into my eyes
You decided I was Stargirl.

I fell in love with that name
As I fell in love with you
And something in me changed
I know you felt it too.
That name made me special
For the first time in forever
Someone thought I had potential.
It gave me confidence
and it gave me worth.
With you by my side
I could conquer the world
Because I
was Stargirl.

But like so many things,
Your faith in me
Was not…

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