Are You A Covert Narcissist?

I am not a mental health professional but I believe I was with a Covert Narcissist for the last 5 years.  Only someone like this can try to still blame me for his losing control and assaulting me to have caused brain trauma.  No longer going to call it concussion because it lightens it up. I have brain trauma.  It’s why I can’t drive, am depressed, can’t handle large crowds and get overwhelmed by loud noise.  It’s why my memory isn’t working.  It’s why I cry most of my waking hours.  The man who did this to me, I thought loved me.  Shame on me for staying.  Shame on me for not loving myself enough to have left.  Shame on me for believing people change.

  1. Sometimes I get lost in my own thoughts about my problems and my relationships.
  2. My feelings are easily hurt by teasing or criticism from other people.
  3. I feel emotionally or temperamentally different from most people.
  4. When I enter a room, I become self-conscious, and feel as if everyone is looking at me.
  5. I don’t like sharing credit with other people.
  6. I feel like I have enough of my own problems and don’t have time to worry about everyone else’s issues.
  7. I often take things too personally.
  8. I easily get wrapped up in my own interests, to the point that I practically forget that the people around me even exist.
  9. I don’t like being with a group unless I know for sure that I’m appreciated by at least one of those present
  10. I try not to show it, but I’m often annoyed when people ask me to take my time and energy to sympathize over their problems.





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