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I’m laughing but it’s not funny..

He writes this, gives me jewelry and tells me he loves me so much he’s risking going to jail for me.  Goes home and lies to everyone including his “therapist” and makes it seem like he’s the victim who was being chased.  It’s disturbing, isn’t it? When I learn more details and am able to put the two versions together…that’s when he gets really aggressive.  What comforts me is knowing he’s that way with everyone.  He doesn’t have a true north or an ounce of decency, otherwise how could one lie like this. IMG_0218


1 thought on “I’m laughing but it’s not funny..”

  1. It truly is disturbing. I can relate to this with my parents. I could see the domestic violence and mental abuse going on as well as my siblings but then they tell EVERYONE that my siblings and I are just young and exaggerating. They switch the story with all of our family members who end up coming to me asking why I don’t talk to my dad or why I don’t do things for him. Luckily I know the truth as well as the police does, our Therapist and siblings and grandpa. It’s sad how blind and close minded people can be especially the ones we once had a deep connection with once.


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