I know nothing has changed. Behind the words expressing suffering is still the belief I am the “unhealthy” one, and that you’re perfect.  You lied to your therapists, making yourself out to be a victim, and they fed your hunger for being the good guy.  They gave you permission to become more of a monster.  Read how you are causes suffering.  I am positive that your next victim will give you what I did when you needed it.  After all, my purpose was to make you feel that you weren’t the bad guy for your failed marriage.  That you don’t have a fatal flaw.  Once I served my purpose, you were done.  I call you a covert narcissist because when I read what they are like, it matches what my experience with you was.  There are so many examples of gaslighting that went on.  So many lies.  Your lawyer said I hated you. What a narcissistic statement.

1/2013 versus 1/2017

Vince: “I told David all about you”

Vesta: “Really”

Vince: “Of course, you’re in my life, and I love you”

Vesta, two months later while talking about taking a trip to Chicago. “Maybe we can see David”

Vince: “No, he doesn’t know about you.”

Vesta: “But you told me you told him about me.”

Vince: “I’m sorry” hugs me, kisses me, gets me naked and the conversation is over.

fast forward to 2017. Bethany, the idiot therapist he fooled.

Vince: “Bethany…I talk about you. She knows what you mean to me”

Vesta: “Oh yeah, can I come see her with you.  On her web site she says she wants to see how her clients interact with one another”

Vince: “Oh no…that’s not going to be happening.”

Vesta: “Why?”

Vince: “Blahh blah blah…” Hugs me, kisses me, get me naked and and says, “I’m enjoying learning about you.  I’m enjoying learning how your mind works”

Vesta:  “How does she know how my mind works”

Vince: Silent.  Looks at me and kisses me and that’s the end of that conversation.

I soon learned she had offered him a diagnosis without ever having met me.  She sent him articles and recommended books on how he needed to deal with Borderlines except I suffer from severe PTSD.  She gave him an out and didn’t realize she played right into him.  Because of her diagnosis he became more and more cruel and didn’t believe I had PTSD despite my offering to show medical records.  His answer to that was, “I don’t care what you have, it’s not going to change how I behave.”  I can’t believe I let myself be treated as if my life was worthless.